Blues 4- 1 Frogpool – 31st Jan 2016

We played our 4th League match of the season.  Thanks to Helen at Cornwall College Estates who found us a slot between two other matches .

Our home pitches are so wet it will take a prolonged period of dry weather to harden them up and allow a tractor on to cut the grass that is shooting up in this mild Cornish weather.  Just too much rain.

Anyway the match started in very windy conditions, with us playing into the wind.  We started well passing the ball cleanly and quickly on the Astro.  The pitch is smaller than a full-size pitch at 55m x 90m so it was quite cramped but we were threading the passes well in the congested midfield.

We conceded a penalty within ten minutes with a push in the back.  Well taken by Jake of Frogpool and I’m glad Danny did not get a hand to it or it could have hurt alot.  Being 0-1 down did not affect our play and we continued to put pressure on the Frogpool defence with a lot of play in their half against the wind.  Balls were expertly threaded through by the midfield or flicked on by Tom for Scott to run onto.  Tom the Frogpool GK was called on to make a few brave sliding collections at the feet of on rushing attackers.  We were awarded a penalty I believe for obstruction in one of many of these similar attacks.  Andreas calmly put the ball into the net to even the score.  1-1 .  Another penalty soon came after Cameron was brought down in the box by a mistimed tackle and again Andreas calmly put the ball wide and into the net.  2-1 .   Our third goal came from a well-worked pass via Josh in the midfield taking the point of attack quickly from Right side to Left side, allowing Cameron to run in from the Left wing unopposed and slot the ball home.

In the meantime our defence played brilliantly in the swirling wind to bring down and control and then clear all the long ball attacks.  Where Frogpool decided to work their way up the pitch we managed to keep them away from the central areas and there were few shots at goal.  Lennon, Dale, Joe, Floyd and Lucas all doing a great job against the wind. Apart from the 3 or 4 corners that Frogpool had and a few speculative shots at range from Jake that looped up and tested Danny at the cross bar, he little to do considering the wind was so strong that he had to kick a moving ball at all the Goal Kicks.  This was all down to the brilliant defensive outfield play.


The second half started at 3-1 and we hoped to extend our lead with the wind at our backs.  While we had alot of chances we never really put Tom under extreme pressure and he kept out all shots.  However we were awarded another penalty for shirt pulling and this time Dale followed Andreas’ example and calmly placed the ball to the side; low and accurately.  At 4-1 we continued to press for the remaining 15 minutes with no success other than to keep the ball in their half and eat up time.  We also got to watch Joe show off his dribbling skills as he took the ball up and down the pitch.  It was great to watch.  A solitary break through our back line  was Frogpool’s only attempt on our goal, which was dealt with by an outrushing GK spreading himself and blocking with his knee I think.

Scott came off at half time complaining of a sore ankle and stuffy head.  During the second half he fell to the ground.  He has been diagnosed with mild concussion but is OK and will be back hopefully after a 3 or more weeks break.