Schedule for 2016-17

Our fixture schedules for next year. Please let me know if any clash with the next holiday(s) abroad etc ! We know who you are – we are on Facebook 🙂 . I have 7 days in which to make any changes.

04/09/2016 Penzance Dynamos vs Wendron Goats
11/09/2016 Wendron Goats vs GODOLPHIN LIGHTNING
25/09/2016 Truro City Quattro vs Wendron Goats
02/10/2016 Wendron Goats vs Charlestown Dynamos
09/10/2016 Culdrose Phantoms vs Wendron Goats
06/11/2016 Wendron Goats vs AFC St Austell
20/11/2016 Wendron Goats vs Penzance Dynamos
04/12/2016 GODOLPHIN LIGHTNING vs Wendron Goats
22/01/2017 Wendron Goats vs Truro City Quattro
29/01/2017 Charlestown Dynamos vs Wendron Goats 05/02/2017 Wendron Goats vs Culdrose Phantoms 04/03/2017 AFC St Austell U16s vs Wendron Goats

Kernow Cup – we cannot change these
UNDER 16S, no 1st round, Quarters 27th October 16, semis 26th February 17

County Cup – we cannot change these.
UNDER 16 Luke Cup 16-10-16 Round 1, 13-11-16 Round 2, 15-01-17 Round 3, 19-03-17 Semi Finals