1st League​ Match at U16 Wendron Goats 0- Godolphin Lightning 1

Today we played our first competitive match of the season against Godolphin Lightning.
The weather was good and the pitch was good , with a little early morning dew that meant the ball skipped across the grass fast until the sun burnt it all off .

The play started well for both teams with no team getting overall control of the match. However Godolphin were the sharper team and with some great fast attacking phases managed to get the ball behind​ our defence and from just on the 6 yrd line put the ball into the net. ​We on the other hand also got the shots off on the Godolphin goal but they were just not that telling.

In the second half we just did not play to our strengths, keeping and travelling with the ball too much, not using supporting players enough and trying to get the ball forward by running with it, rather than using the width and size of the Wendron pitch to our advantage. We used a method of playing football that made the size the pitch work against us. The second half did not have the passing shown in the first half by either team, but then Godolphin had the lead and the desire to hold onto it. They did not need to show a passing game while​ we did. We had numerous shots at goal but as in the first half the ball was not going in and at full time the Godolphin players had wiped away the score lines from last year with a deserved win.

For us the lesson will be to get onto the small Astro​ ASAP and start to get back our 2 touch passing game that has gone off the boil in the summer recess.