4th league match vs St Austell

Wendron 4 – St Austell 1

We’re getting our shape better  for the whole match and understanding of how the dynamic of our team works best.  There were no lapse in defence which occurred too frequently in earlier matches.

I’ll quote Matt again after a good well-controlled match against a team that had the better of us last year at Poltair Park.
“Stepped it up another level today. Controlled from start and but for some great keeping by Ethan in their goal, could have been more goals. They had a 10 minute spell at the beginning of the 2nd half, but other than that, the shape of the team was great and you were all brilliant! Goals from Yeshe, Andreas (pen) and Tom Jose 2.
Special mention to the ‘spine’, Dale, Lucas and Yeshe, who were inspirational today, allowing us to be relaxed on the touchline.”