5th League match : Goats 8 – Penzance 0


Tom Jose is on fire – 4 goals today and 2 goals against St Austell last week.  Who spread this rumour that we should play him at left back?

Today was a day when we set hopefully set ourselves personal targets to improve in various aspects of the game.  The last 4 matches have been a steady progression and each match a definite improved performance on the match before.

This week we started bright and awake.   A few minutes into the game  the ball came to Tom – he lined up the shot,  pulled the trigger on his left foot  and we were 1 goal up and in control.  The rest of the match was mainly spent playing correctly – each player taking care and  making deliberate decisions.  There were few occasions when it was a little random but only rarely. Dale , Lucas Liam and Lennon had the task of keeping a clean sheet at all costs and it was achieved.  Danny only had to make one finger tip save.  In the first half the score rate was even and at half time we were 6 up.  The second half aims were to keep the clean sheet,   concentrate when with the ball and reduce the errors to  the minimum.  Players were put into new positions   and we looked to see where we could improve.  Penzance played for the whole match, but did not seemed to have the intensity to their game as in the previous match at Penzance.