“LUKE Cup” Semi – Final 2017

WP_20170319_13_39_55_Pro_LI (2)The Goats had their ‘away day’ to Bude yesterday to compete in the Cornwall FA Luke Cup.  The importance of the occasion dawned on the players when we had to ask for an increase in the match day sub to cover the 4 officials that the FA had allocated for the match.  1 ref, 2 assistants and a 4th official – obviously an important match!   A big ‘Thank You’ to them for taking the day out to help on what was not a very high fee.  I hope they enjoyed the day and the football they saw.  The 4th official, a serving police officer, had to retrain in the use of semaphore as  Bude’s AWAY & HOME dugout are on opposite sides of the pitch. The use of flags was agreed before kick off to signal the need for a substitution.  More of this later 🙂

Bude decided to start with the wind and started well. Within a minute they had two corners.  While not brilliantly dealt with, we cleared them and we soon started to go through the gears.  By mid-way, through the half, we were playing some of the best football we have played this season.  Bude were energetic and pressed where they could but it was all a bit chaotic.  I imagined they would get tired but they had a large squad so perhaps they could afford to start so fast and furious.  Soon Cameron was making himself a nuisance on the left wing and beginning to make ranging crosses in. On the third attempt, a cross came in low and hard for Scott to place cleanly into the net at the near post.  On the right wing Aaron and Toby backed up by Lennon were doing the same and a lofted ball into the goal saw the GK leap up for the ball but Cameron seemed to leap higher and tipped the ball in through the GK fingers.  The last ten minutes saw us start to lose our rhythm and Bude began to get back into the game and it looked like we would concede a goal before halftime.  6 or 7 minutes overtime was added and that just increased the tension as we just want to get into the half time talk and work out where & how we had come off the great football we played in the first quarter.   The referee later explained he added on additional time for all the flag waving etc to get the substitutes on !! – 6- 7 minutes !! yikes.  However, to give him his due there were no issues with his handling of the game for the full 80 minutes.

2nd half we had the wind and while we did not quite reach the same levels of passing, we had control of the match.  Bude struggled to get the ball out of their half.  In the first half, Dan had opted to play out from the back and keep the ball low as the wind could not be kicked against.  In the 2nd half, he chose to play ‘route 1’ and whenever the ball was played to him the threat of his kicks soon had the Bude defence retreating quickly.  Yeshe, on Corner duty, had the measure of the wind and would float the ball high and onto the 6-yard line, causing difficulties every time, with again the ball being bundled in after the GK spilled the swirling, dropping ball.

At 3 goals ahead the game was slowly coming to an end, but the best was left until last.  Tom J, running onto a bouncing ball 5 yards out of the penalty box, used his lace-less boots to good effect and volleyed the ball, flat at waist height, straight through and into the back of the net.  Just like playing FIFA.

So now we are into the Final for the second year and have to defend it against the Callington Colts who we have met once before in last year’s cup, in what was a very very even match in awful weather.  Click here for report on past match